What makes Wital one of the best tea brands on the shelves?

It’s simple; we’re an Atelier; a workshop where experts have come together to design fine tea creations.

When you want the best tasting tea, it’s not about ancient trading routes or colonial traditions — it comes down to the essentials: the most exquisite varieties of tea from the world’s best gardens, picked and handled at exactly the right moment. We only refine our fusions with natural herbs and oils in order to make truly indulgent teas with thrilling tastes.

Behind every cup of our luxury tea is supreme quality and a nurtured process; all resulting in blends with a superior taste experience. The goal behind every sip is to create a moment that you are familiar with. That hint of orange to remember the beginning of summer — a touch of cinnamon to remind of you of Christmas and that sparkle of lemon to transport you back to the beach. The backdrop behind each of our blends paints a picture of authenticity and passion. With exclusive leaves from all over the world, the partnerships we’ve created ensure that only the best types of tea are used in our lines.

The steps to create our infusions are unique

We journeyed through different continents to find the best quality tea in the world. Every leaf is delicately picked by hand in certified gardens where experienced pluckers are supported and appreciated. The same goes for our other elements; every herb, spice and fruit is thoughtfully selected to complement our wide range of designs. These ingredients then travel to our state-of-the-art blending facilities where they are creatively intermingled into nostalgic scents that will surprise you — and leave you wanting more.

At this stage the teas are loose and waiting to find their home in one of our couture, elegant tins; or our hand-stitched, 100% cotton teabags. Either way our tea creators make sure every component remains fresh and protected — that’s what makes us one of the best luxury tea brands.

Tea that takes the spotlight

The time of boring blends is long gone as some of the world’s best tea flavours are taking centre-stage at the most luxurious events across the globe. This is WITAL.

The best tea brands in the world have to be sustainable

Our tea projects in different countries have a goal to keep these rural regions attractive and alive. We endeavour to make sure that many small towns regain their population due to the influx of work and better social infrastructures like new schools.

We’re in the world’s most luxurious stores, but wherever you might be, you can still buy the best tea online...

We support our partners with information on environmentally friendly farming and modern production technology. Why do we do it? These sustainable partnerships allow us to have exclusive access to the best teas, to support the development of ever-growing quality and of course, to keep the towns thriving for the next generation.

Experience Finest WITAL Tea in the most iconic stores in the world:

KADEWE shop in shop Berlin, Germany


KÄFER München, Germany


FRANKHOF Frankfurt am Main, Germany

CAFE LAUMER Frankfurt am Main, Germany

MÖLLER&SCHAAR Frankfurt am Main, Germany

OBERPOLLINGER shop in shop München, Germany

GENIESSERTREFF Frankfurt am Main, Germany

ALEKSANDROS Frankfurt am Main, Germany

KÄSESTUBE — GUTES AUS MILCH Frankfurt am Main, Germany



CAVIAR HOUSE&PRUNIER Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, 3, 4, 5, UK

CAVIAR HOUSE&PRUNIER 161 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1j 9ea, Uk


PORSCHE ZüRICH Porsche Zentrum-Schilieren, Porsche Zentrum-Riesbach, Zürich, Switzerland

MERCEDES BENZ AG Leningradsky Prospekt 39a, Moscow, Russia

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First Line
First Line
By careful selection and processing, we achieve outstanding varieties such as French Earl Grey and Black Thyme, whose aromas are enhanced to complex worlds of flavors only by adding the finest ingredients.
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Organic Line
Organic Line
The organic line contains both traditional teas and new, unique creations and proves that the highest quality and organic cultivation are by no means mutually exclusive.
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