About Wital

We help customers to find the best tea that’s a perfect fit for their lifestyle and personal taste

It’s simple; we’re an Atelier; a workshop where experts have come together to design fine tea creations.

Tea is no longer about ancient trading routes or colonial traditions — it comes down to the essentials: the most exquisite varieties of tea from the world’s best gardens, picked and handled at exactly the right moment.


Our main line is our personality — elegant, delicate and exciting.

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When we came up with the idea for Wital Tea, it was clear that we wanted to create a brand full of both modernity and originality.

The teas themselves reflect this ethos – whilst creating unusual and innovative fusions, we also respect and support the traditional craftsmanship of our producing partners.

All of our teas (some even exclusive just to us) come from the highest quality gardens, plucked at exactly the right moment. From there, they are delicately taken along a process that is done by hand; start to finish.

Not only do our teas have to be extra special, we took the line a step further by sourcing 100% hand-sewn, cotton teabags. The latter guarantees the most careful treatment of the fragile leaves resulting in unconditional enjoyment.

Wrapped and sealed for freshness, these individual pouches ensure that every flavour, aroma and detail is preserved – giving our customers a truly indulgent tea moment.

To top it all off, we designed our streamlined, matte, rectangular boxes that give a nod to the famous and well-known Apple IPhone packaging. All together creating a truly original and yet modern finished product.

First line

Wital Organic

Successful tea brands have to be sustainable.

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That’s why we created our Organic line. Full of a range of creative blends, but all from 100% organic tea and ingredients – a line that’s especially important considering the rising interest of natural, alternative health in our modern day.

All natural; inside and out.

Something very special about our organic line though, is that it works towards supporting tea projects in different countries; all with the goal to keep these rural regions attractive and alive. We endeavour to make sure that many small towns regain their population due to the influx of work and better social infrastructures like new schools. We support our partners with information on environmentally friendly farming and modern production technology. Why do we do it? These sustainable partnerships allow us to have exclusive access to the best teas, to support the development of ever-growing quality and of course, to keep the towns thriving for the next generation.

The line also uses our 100% hand-stitched, cotton tea bags; however this time they are packaged within a foil bag inside a grass paper box – all of which are completely compostable.

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